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Welcome to the Research in Exercise And Cardiovascular healTh In ONcology Lab!

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Our Mission: To optimize the health and survival of cancer survivors at-risk of, and living with, cancer-related cardiovascular toxicity and cardiovascular disease.

Our Focus: Our research explores the intersection of cancer-related cardiovascular disease and exercise therapy across the lifespan. Our work focuses on groups of cancer survivors who are vulnerable to competing mechanisms of cancer treatment- and lifestyle-related cardiovascular injury resulting in accelerated cardiovascular aging, increased cardiovascular disease risk, and related increases in the risk of cardiovascular disease-related and all-cause mortality. 
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Our Program

Exploring exercise-based strategies to improve cardiovascular health and survival in cancer survivors.

Our Team & Collaborators

Meet our diverse team of researchers, clinicians, trainees, and community partners.

Current Studies

Our team leads and supports cross-disciplinary randomized controlled trial-, intervention cohort-, literature review and synthesis-, and knowledge translation-based studies.